A community of Orthodox Christians in Longwood, Florida
who worship according to the traditions of the early Church.

The Orthodox Church of St. Stephen the Protomartyr is blessed with an abundance of children, a beautiful location in a high-growth area, and a wealth of ministries to complement the worship that is the focus of our lives. Our talented and dedicated senior priest is aided by a wonderful supporting staff.

Our parish falls under the Diocese of the South of the Orthodox Church in America. The OCA is the local autocephalous Orthodox Christian Church. We invite you to join us to get to know our church family and to explore the ancient faith of the first Christians.

“Cleanse your mind from anger, remembrance of evil, and shameful thoughts, and then you will find out how Christ dwells in you.”
St. Maximos the Confessor
“Who hated sin more than the saints? But they did not hate the sinners at the same time, nor condemn them, nor turn away from them. But they suffered with them, admonished them, comforted them. gave them remedies as sickly members, and did all they could to heal them.”
St. Dorotheos of Gaza
“Being come together in the same place, let there be one prayer, one supplication, one mind, one hope, in love and in joy undefiled. There is one Jesus Christ, than Whom nothing is more excellent.”
St. Ignatius of Antioch


The Orthodox Church is the oldest Christian Church in the world. Founded by Jesus Christ, its beginnings are chronicled in the New Testament. All other Christian churches and groups can be traced historically back to it.

With roughly 250 million members worldwide, Orthodoxy is second in size only to the Roman Catholic Church.  Yet in spite of its size, relatively few Americans are aware that it exists.

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1895 Lake Emma Road  •  Longwood, Florida 32750  • 386-227-7056

Sunday Services: Hours – 9:10 am   |  Divine Liturgy – 9:30 am